Many campers and overlanders are looking for coolers like YETI, but perhaps a bit cheaper. Not spending too much on an ice chest also makes sense if an overland rig is already equipped with a 12 Volt portable fridge-freezer, so the cooler would merely be a secondary way to keep drinks cold and perishables fresh. The Ozark Trail Coolers are on many buyers' radar. However, does the much lower price still come with great qualities? How do Ozark Trail Coolers compare versus YETI? Let's find out!

Quick Comparison Table:

Ozark Trail vs. YETI Tundra

Ozark Trail Cooler vs. YETI – which is the winner? There are many cooler brands that are mainly aiming to compete with YETI's market dominance.

Some may be better for people on a budget while others may be more appropriate for those who want value for their money.

Before we examine how Ozark Trail coolers compare, let's have a look at YETI Tundra coolers.

YETI Tundra

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The YETI Tundra is the leader on the market – which is why it is also a little high in the budget zone.

Here are some features that might interest you regarding the YETI:

  • Fatwall Design that offers two inches of ice insulation
  • Permafrost Insulation made from foam that ensures the ice will not melt
  • Rotomolded Construction that drastically increases its durability

Furthermore, the Tundra Coolers have some additional features that users find useful. For example, the T-Rex lid latches ensure the cooler stays completely sealed and that it will not pop off, exposing the ice.

Furthermore, the LipGrip handles makes it very easy to carry around without bumping into the cooler at every step.

You also have the advantage of the Doublehaul handles that were made from durable military-grade polyester rope.

YETI COOLERS 10035100000 Tundra 35 Blue Cooler
  • Portable enough for 1 person to haul
  • 3 inch of permafrost insulation & fat wall design
  • Built to be bear resistant
  • The YETI Tundra 35 is portable enough for one person to haul while still having an impressive carrying capacity of up to 20 cans with a recommended 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio
  • The Rotomolded Construction makes the Tundra armored to the core and virtually indestructible so wherever you decide to take it, this portable cooler's sturdy construction will stand up to the rigors of the journey

The unit is leakproof and rugged. It's equipped with a drain system designed for easy and quick draining. Also, considering that the ice can last for as long as 8 days, the chances are that you’ll return home with the ice intact.

In the event that you go on a camping weekend, this is the perfect tool for you.

Mostly, people are pretty happy about its ability to retain a cold temperature. Even when the ice melts, the water will still remain cold – which gives you a few extra days.

The only thing that buyers had complaints about were the price tag.


  • Solid and durable construction
  • It can keep the ice from melting for an extended time
  • It is easy to carry around if you grab it by the handles


  • Heavy
  • The price tag is rather high

Ozark Trail

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Opposite of this end, we have the Ozark Trail coolers, the brand that every budget savvy person goes for.

The design is similar to the YETI – the only difference being the materials and construction. If you are after a list of the features, here’s what you might want to keep in mind:

  • Premium insulation that ensures your ice resists for up to 9 days
  • Rotomolded construction without any seams that is resistant to UV lights
  • Locking plate that was made with industrial stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty handles that are easy to grip

Considering that this product received a bear-resistant certificate from the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, you know for sure that your food will stay safe as you’re camping. This means there’s no chance Yogi will steal your food.

The Ozark also features four cup holders, which means it also doubles as a table. Furthermore, the latches are secure, so the risk of them popping off is very low; the food will remain insulated for as long as you leave it there.

The handles have similar design as the ones on YETI Tundras – the only difference being that this item doesn’t feature the same sturdy military grade rope. It’s thinner – like the kind you would normally see on a backpack.

For this reason, the handles feel rather insecure and more prone to wear and tear. There are, however, customers that say they are sturdier than they look.

Some customers complain that it cannot hold the ice for more than two days, but there are also those who claim it can easily hold up ice for more than a week.

Perhaps it has to do with the way you latch it or how often you open the cooler.


  • It can hold ice for up to a week
  • The handles are comfortable to hold
  • Sturdy construction
  • Strong hinges
  • Affordable


  • Heavy
  • Occasionally customers complain about short ice retention
  • Carry handles are not as sturdy as YETI's

Bottom Line: the conclusion to this Ozark Trail Cooler vs. YETI comparison is the following – both coolers can hold ice for a decent amount of time, but YETI seems to have longer ice retention capabilities.

Furthermore, YETI is proportionally more lightweight, making it the better option to take with you when you’re camping. YETI will be the better cooler in the long run.

Ozark Trail Coolers vs YETI - Comparison Tables


Ozark Trail 26


Dimensions Outside

21 3/4” × 13” × 15 1/2”

13 5/8” × 14 1/4” × 19 1/8”

Dimensions Inside

16” × 9” × 10 3/4”

8 3/8” × 9 7/8” × 13”

Empty Weight

16 lbs

15 lbs


Using a 2:1 ice-to-can ratio by volume

coolers like yeti
Yeti Roadie 20 capacity 16 beers
comparing ozark trail coolers vs yeti 20


Ozark Trail 52


Dimensions Outside

17 1/2” × 17” × 28 3/4”

17 5/8” × 17 3/4” × 24 1/4”

Dimensions Inside

 11” × 11 3/5” × 23”

10 3/8” × 12 1/2” × 16 5/8”

Empty Weight

31 lbs

26 lbs


Using a 2:1 ice-to-can ratio by volume

coolers like yeti but cheaper
yeti tundra 50 capacity
comparing ozark trail coolers with yeti 50


Ozark Trail 73


Dimensions Outside

19 1/2” × 18” × 30”

17 7/8” × 17 1/2” × 33 1/2”

Dimensions Inside

13 7/10” × 12” × 24 3/5”

 10 3/4” × 12 7/8” × 25 5/8”

Empty Weight

35 1/4 lbs

34 lbs


Using a 2:1 ice-to-can ratio by volume

coolers like yeti but cheaper
coolers similar to yeti
comparing ozark trail coolers vs yeti

Ozark Trail Premium Backpack vs. YETI Hopper BackFlip Cooler

If you decided to pitch your tent at a location unaccessible with your vehicle, you'll have to carry some of your camping equipment to the campsite.

Same goes for surfing spots or similar activities where you just can't drive right to the place where your gear needs to be unloaded from the vehicle. This is where a backpack cooler is very useful.

Two popular choices are the Ozark Trail Premium Backpack and the YETI Hopper BackFlip Cooler.

They may look slightly different, but their function is the same: to keep your food and drinks cool during a trip.

ozark trail vs yeti

Ozark Trail Backpack Cooler

The Ozark cooler backpack, for instance, is the one you go for when you are on a budget.

Being 13 inches wide, 8.5 inches thick, and 19 inches tall, it’s big enough to carry food and drinks for a couple of days – making it the perfect option if you want to go on a weekend getaway.

Here are the features that should interest you:

  • Made from 600D coated fabric
  • Cushioned straps that are adjustable
  • The interior can fit 20 cans, plus the ice

Made from 600D coated polyester, this backpack is not only durable, but also leakproof. Granted, it may not be as indestructible as a plastic carry cooler, but it’s certainly very good at doing its job.

You may adjust the straps to fit your own comfort and height level. Plus, considering they are generously cushioned, you may carry this backpack for a prolonged time without feeling uncomfortable.

The weight will balance over your back, and will, therefore, prevent bad back posture.

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Technically, the Ozark Trail backpack cooler can fit 20 cans of drinks or food; however, this also depends on how much ice you plan on adding.

If it’s little ice, you can fit around 18 to 20 cans – but the ice will only hold for about one or two days.

On the other hand, if you increase the ice intake, you can carry it for a longer time – but you’ll only be able to carry 12-15 cans.

The ice may have melted by the 3rd day, but it will still remain relatively cool – at least, cooler than the temperature outside.

The backpack is zipper-closed, meaning that it’s very easy to operate. However, people complained that there might be leaks through the teeth of the zipper – therefore causing the ice to melt sooner than it should.


  • It is easy to carry
  • The material is durable
  • It holds the cold inside
  • Leakproof when standing


  • The zipper is weak
  • It might not hold the ice cool for as long as it should


Ozark Trail Premium Backpack Cooler

YETI Hopper Backflip 24

Dimensions Outside

13” × 19” × 8 1/2”

13 3/4” × 19 1/8” × 8 1/2”

Empty Weight

2 lbs

5.3 lbs

ozark trail coolers vs yeti hopper

YETI Hopper BackFlip Cooler

On the more “premium” side, we have the YETI Hopper BackFlip Cooler. It’s a bit more expensive than the Ozark, but most customers claim that it’s worth the price – since it can hold the ice for a longer time and it is very durable.

Here are its main features:

  • DryHide Shell made from high density nylon fabric
  • ColdCell Insulation using rubber foam
  • Hydrolok zipper to prevent leaks
  • It can fit up to 12 cans of beverage

At 12 inches wide, 6 inches thick and 15 inches tall, it’s a bit smaller than the Ozark cooler – but at the same time, it features superior ColdCell Insulation.

With this in mind, the cooler can carry 20 cans of beverage and 25 pounds of ice without any issues.

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According to viewers, the zipper is actually fairly sturdy, and it is also leakproof. They had no problems carrying the beverage through hot temperatures, and the ice can hold for as long as 24 hours before it shows signs of melting.


  • Compact form
  • Durable material
  • Advanced insulation
  • Leakproof zipper


  • It might need a bit more shoulder padding

Bottom Line: the YETI backpack cooler may be a bit more expensive, but it has a zipper that insulates much better – keeping your drinks cooler for longer.

Final Thoughts and Advice

It is not easy to purchase the best cooler for a camping trip. Sometimes, a regular cooler such as the Ozark Trail might be good for you.

If you think your campsite is most of the time right next to your vehicle or you plan on tailgating only, go for an ice chest, not a backpack.

On the other hand, if you're actually after a backpack, choose the YETI Hopper BackFlip cooler. It will be a better choice in the long run.

YETI is good for those that don’t mind spending a couple of extra bucks on a good product – as long as they have the assurance that it will work properly.

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, Ozark might also cut it – but the ice may not resist as much as in the case of YETI

Perhaps something in between Ozark Trail coolers and YETI would be a better choice if you don't want to spend YETI-price. Read our YETI vs Orca and YETI vs RTIC comparisons. How about Grizzly Coolers?

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