In this Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator review article we will see how this device is designed to handle camping needs as well as serve as an emergency home back-up. Having a dependable power source away from home is no longer a luxury, it is considered a necessary component for today’s overlanders.  An overland trip highlights the need for a power source as we may find ourselves in remote locations for extended periods of time.  Modern gas-powered generators are designed with camping in mind.

But, are they all the same?  A generator must be capable of handling extended operating sessions on an overland trip.  It must also be able to provide steady power. In the below Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator review we will show you how this device handles these requirements:

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  • 3100 Starting Watts
  • Steady Clean Power
  • Quick Touch Panel


  • Complicated Break-In Cycle
  • Sounds Louder Then dBA Rating
  • Pull-Start Rope Quality Average

Key Features

This portable generator throttles the engine up or down electronically to meet power demands.  Generator controls are conveniently located in one area instead of being scattered in different locations.  It is vehicle ready from the box and provides a strong start-up current as well as a steady clean electricity.

Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Review

Build Quality And Design:  The body is compact and durable, measuring 22.4 x 17.3 x 18.3 inches.  The unit weighs 83.3 lb. with two carry handles, a feature allowing two individuals to handle it easily.  Built-in wheels offer a single user the ability to pull it along even terrain.

Ease Of Use:  The recoil start requires only average strength which should accommodate most users.  The quick touch panel centers all controls on a single surface that eliminates the need to reach around the generator. There are plenty of plugs:  One RV at 120V/30A; two household at 120V/20A; one automotive 12V DC; and 12V DC battery-charging cables.

Generator Power:  The Champion 171cc four-stroke gas engine is fed by a fuel system that holds 1.6-gallons.  It offers starting power rated at 3100W/25.9A and running power of 2800W/23.3A, features that should provide plenty of inrush current for start-ups and running power even for RV air-conditioners.

Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Review - Overlandsite

Other Features And Issues:  The inverter technology provides efficiency, and the lack of power dips or spikes with clean power is nice.  CARB compliance and EPA certification are positives for the environment.  The noise level rating of 58 dBA seems low, especially in overland settings.  The break-in cycle is complex and requires one hour with no load, one hour at 25-percent, one hour at 50-percent, one hour at 75-percent, then one hour fluctuating from no load to max.  

What Others Are Saying:  Online customer reviews indicate strong satisfaction with power and performance levels.  Customers are satisfied over-all with the operational features.  Some customers noted problems with the pull-cord (noted the cord could be improved upon).  The one consistent negative piece of feedback we discovered online indicated confusion or frustration with the break-in period.

champion inverter generator


The Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator is a solid piece of equipment.  It was designed for work over the road or at home in a pinch.  The compact size is great for someone traveling with limited room.  The interface is ideal for those who want lots of optional plug-ins and ease of control.

We think that this generator is ideal for anyone who does a lot of camping and overlanding.  Make sure to take a look at this Amazon link for more product images.

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