Have you ever been worried about your trailer being unhitched and simply towed away by another vehicle? Well, the good news is that there are trailer locks on the market that keep your trailer secure because they’re designed to keep your belongings safe. What the best trailer lock does is keep your personal property securely locked to your vehicle. 

By decreasing trailer theft and illegal entry into your personal things, a trailer lock is the most secure way to protect your belongings. 

There are many kinds of trailer locks on the market that will easily attach to a coupler to prevent anyone from stealing or towing away your trailer when it’s not being actively used.

The sense of security you’ll get from having one of the best trailer locks will keep your mind at ease when you’re traveling with your trailer or storing it at home. An overlanding trailer can be especially expensive - you do want to keep that secured!

Here is a closer look at the best trailer locks with varying features to consider when purchasing your own lock.


Best Trailer Hitch Locks

Master Lock - Universal Size

REESE Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock

Master Lock 377KA Trailer Hitch Lock

Master Lock Trailer Lock, Stainless Steel Adjustable Coupler Latch Lock, 2847DAT

Hitch Lock, Ohuhu Receiver Hitch Pin Lock

Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Set

Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal 'Solid Hardened Steel' Trailer Lock (fits All couplers)

Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock

Master Lock - (3) Keyed Alike Trailer & Multi Purpose Padlocks, 37KA-3

Tow Ready (63228) 'Gorilla Guard' Coupler Lock for 2" Couplers

Best Trailer Lock - Reviews

1. Review of Master Lock - Universal Size

If you’re looking for a coupler lock that is secure and trustworthy, you can count on this universal size Master Lock for your trailer coupler.

This universal size Master Lock comes in a bright red finish and boasts a sturdy construction that will securely lock your trailer and coupler with no problem.

This universal size Master Lock can fit different sizes of couplers ranging from 1 7/8”- 2 5/16”. The bright red finish is visually appealing and will deter someone from trying to burglarize your trailer.

This universal size Master Lock is rust and corrosion resistant, making it a durable lock that you can rely on. The locking mechanism itself is resistant to lock picking, prying and tampering.

This lock is easy to install and a great choice for anyone looking to protect their trailer from theft.

What Previous Buyers Say

The lock is simple, but effective. This lock is well designed and has an adjustable ball.

It can rotate away from the body of the trailer which means you can turn the lock away from the elements so that it does not rust or damage the components.

The lock is very sturdy and will easily act as a great deterrent from theft.

As with any lock, this trailer lock is not impenetrable. It is strong, sturdy and stable, but it cannot necessarily withstand the wherewithal of a locksmith or determined thief.

If this lock is exposed to very cold temperatures, this lock may freeze and become difficult to open.


  • Durable lock 
  • Rust resistant
  • Sturdy components
  • Stable lock rotation


  • Freezes in the winter
  • Universal size may mean it is too big or small for your trailer

2. Review of REESE Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock

This REESE Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock is one of the best trailer locks on the market. This heavy duty lock does an excellent job of securing trailers. 

As one of the best trailer locks available, this premium coupler lock is made of durable materials like aluminum and steel to ensure that it lasts.

This lock is meant to deter theft of your trailer by locking your coupler and keeping your trailer from being attached to an unauthorized vehicle. 

What Previous Buyers Say

This lock has a universal fit and is a ratchet design that has the ability to adjust into 11 locking positions.

The bright yellow color makes it easily visible which helps to deter thieves from attempting to break the lock.

This trailer lock is design to resist prying, picking, drilling and all other types of tampering. 

The shape of this trailer lock may make it difficult to get it off of your coupler. It’s important to make sure that this coupler lock can easily be removed from your coupler before purchasing it.

The aluminum body is thin and may be broken with heavy hammering. 

There is considerable noise that can occur when hammering which may be a deterrent from attempting to do that. 


  • Bright, eye-catching color
  • Made of sturdy materials
  • Resistant to prying, picking and drilling
  • Easily installed


  • Not fully impenetrable
  • Aluminum body can be broken with hammering

3. Review of Master Lock 377KA Trailer Hitch Lock

The Master Lock 377KA Trailer Hitch Lock is another product that made it easily on our list for best trailer locks. This lock is durable, reliable and strong.

This trailer coupler lock is resistant to rust because it is constructed from zinc.

The locking mechanism is designed to be advanced and prevent thieves from prying or picking it open.

This trailer lock is an excellent guardian.

What Previous Buyers Say

If you’re looking to prevent tow-away theft for your trailer, this lock is a reliable one because of its powerful deadlock.

This Master Lock is designed to protect your belongings so you can be at peace. It is extremely durable and resistant to prying, hammering, picking, and other forms of tampering. 

This coupler lock has one unique feature that may become troublesome.

These locks are manufactured to have the same key pattern.  The lack of a unique key may mean that someone will be able to unlock your lock with their own key. 


  • Strong lock
  • Resistant to prying, picking, tampering
  • Weather resistant
  • Heavy, thick steel
  • Can purchase duplicate keys


  • Plain silver color may camouflage it
  • Does not have unique key pattern
  • Not completely impenetrable

4. Review of Master Lock Trailer Lock, Stainless Steel Adjustable Coupler Latch Lock

This Master Lock Trailer Lock, Stainless Steel Adjustable Coupler Latch Lock, 2847DAT is a great coupler latch lock that can secure your trailer.

This durable lock will protect your vehicle, RV hitch or trailer from theft. 

This lock is strong, reliable, and accommodating to meet the standards to be one of the best trailer locks out there.

It is an adjustable stainless steel lock and it comes with two keys. Because of the non-corrosive metal that this coupler lock is made of, you don’t have to worry about rust. 

What Previous Buyers Say

This durable trailer lock is perfect for anyone looking to protect their personal property from stealthy thieves.

The coupler latch trailer lock is great for protecting any kind of trailer because it is adjustable. With six different lock positions, this coupler latch lock is flexible and able to accommodate your needs.

Although this is a sturdy, durable lock, the extended rod can be bent if access to it is permitted.

If the rubber cover for the lock is removed or lost, exposing the lock to the elements can result in a frozen lock.

 Physical manipulation of the lock can cause it to become ineffective. 


  • Strong, durable lock
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to install


  • Can freeze if exposed to the cold
  • Can be bent if not careful

5. Review of Hitch Lock, Ohuhu Receiver Hitch Pin Lock

The Hitch Lock, Ohuhu Receiver Hitch Pin Lock is one of the best trailer lock options that you can purchase.

It is durable, easy to install, and strong. Made of high-quality materials and designed with protection in mind, this lock will secure your trailer. 

This trailer lock is designed to protect all the belongings inside your trailer by defending against theft. The product is resistant to prying, picking, and tampering of any sort.

Thanks to it’s easy to install design, you can put this lock on and take it off without a struggle.

What Previous Buyers Say

This trailer lock is designed to resist corrosion and rust thanks to its sturdy stainless steel body. The design is a pin lock and it is heavy duty, meaning it can withstand picking, prying and any force that may be applied to it.

It requires no drilling or mounting so you’ll be able to protect your property without a hassle. 

This lock is excellent, but you have to take care to protect the locking mechanism. There is a weather cover that protects the lock from water and grime, but if this cap is not replaced after installing the lock it can become susceptible to the elements.


  • Easy to install
  • Stainless steel body
  • Rust and corrosion resistant


  • Locking mechanism is not weather resistant
  • Not a universal size

6. Review of Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Set

The Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Set is one of the best trailer locks on the market. This product is designed to work with all hitch receivers that you can use on your RV or vehicle, making it a great option for securing your trailer.

This trailer hitch lock is a step above the rest with its special design that ensures all the components work together seamlessly.

It is designed so that you don’t have t worry about losing the receiver pin. It’s one of the best trailer locks for pickup trucks such as Ford F150 and Toyota Tundra. 

What Previous Buyers Say

It is adjustable and comes with two extra long locking pins. This hitch lock is designed to be anti-rattle which will keep it from coming undone.

It is simple when it comes to locking it, all you have to do is push. It comes with a protective rubber cap to keep dirt, water, and grime out of the locking mechanism.

This trailer hitch lock is a good option for any trailer, but there have been reports of issues with the end cap not staying securely on.

Although this is not a huge problem, it may mean that your lock is exposed to the elements. 


  • Durable construction
  • Good for any hitch receiver


  • End cap does not stay securely fastened
  • Contains two pins but only one lock

7. Review of Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal 'Solid Hardened Steel' Trailer Lock

The Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal 'Solid Hardened Steel' Trailer Lock is one of the best trailer lock options because it fits all couplers.

It’s sturdy design incorporates a dual racket lock system that securely fastens your coupler to your trailer. 

This product is solid hardened steel which makes it strong and resistant to prying, picking and hammering.

This trailer lock has an aesthetically pleasing ballistics grade nylon housing that doubles down on the durability of this lock. 

What Previous Buyers Say

This trailer lock is an excellent fit with all couplers. It’s resistant to destruction through tampering and will protect your trailer from being stolen by thieves.

It is easy to install and will take a great deal of meddling to remove without authority. 

This lock may fit too snuggly on some couplers and make it difficult to remove without some special maneuvering.

Although this lock is made of incredibly durable materials, it may still be penetrated if there is blunt force applied to the lock.

The lock will hold up against much abuse, but it is not invincible. 


  • Strong, heavy duty metal body
  • Easy to install
  • Fits almost all couplers


  • May be difficult to remove when needed
  • Not completely impenetrable

8. Review of Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock

The Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock is an alternative to the traditional hitch lock. This lock will be placed around the wheel of your trailer to prevent it from rolling away.

This lock comes in vibrant yellow and red to draw attention to it and deter thieves from trying to take it apart. 

This Trimax wheel chock lock is one of the best trailer lock options out there because it presents a different way to protect your vehicle.

The product can easily be used in tandem with a hitch lock to add a second layer of protection, or alone as a secure way to keep your trailer where you want it to be. 

What Previous Buyers Say

This lock is very easily installed on to the wheel of your trailer to prevent it from it rolling away when you want it to stay put.

This wheel lock has a strong pick resistant locking mechanism that is difficult to undo. This lock is made of strong, durable powder coated steel.

Although this is a great tool to protect against theft, this wheel lock can still be manipulated after installation.

It’s an excellent visual deterrent, but if a criminal is highly interested in rolling your trailer away, they may be able to bend or damage the wheel chock lock to their benefit.

You can use this wheel chock in tandem with a hitch trailer lock. 


  • Strong visual deterrent
  • Made of durable powder coated steel
  • Strong pick resistant lock mechanism


  • Can be damaged and manipulated to cause a trailer to roll away
  • Not a universal size

9. Review of Master Lock - (3) Keyed Alike Trailer & Multi Purpose Padlocks, 37KA-3

This set of three Master Lock Keyed Alike Trailer & Multi Purpose Padlocks are an excellent option for securing your trailer.

These heavy-duty locks can easily be attached to your coupler to protect against theft. 

This set of three Master Locks are perfect if you have more than one trailer or want to keep extra locks on hand.

These locks have the same lock and come with six matching keys. Although it will not fit all couplers, it will fit most 2 5/16” couplers.

What Previous Buyers Say

This trailer lock is durable and can easily be installed. These locks are especially tough against bolt cutters, making this a secure option for your trailer.

This lock is prying and picking resistant and will withstand substantial interference. 

This lock does have a wide hook and it may not fit the hole on your hitch.

There is a removable sheath around the shackles that allows some ability to adjust the size of the lock. 


  • Strong, durable lock
  • Can be easily installed and removed from trailer
  • Has removable sheath to adjust size


  • Not a universal size

10. Review of Tow Ready (63228) 'Gorilla Guard' Coupler Lock for 2" Couplers

The Tow Ready (63228) 'Gorilla Guard' Coupler Lock for 2" Couplers is strong and dependable when it comes to securing your trailer from theft.

This trailer coupler lock is durable and can withstand significant tampering. 

This Tow Ready Gorilla Guard coupler lock is made of heavy duty material that can withstand hammering, prying, and picking.

The lock easily fits over 2” couplers.

What Previous Buyers Say

This is one of the best trailer locks for protecting your RV, vehicle or trailer hitch from being stolen.

No lock is fully impenetrable, but this lock can hold up against even the most determined thief. This lock is easy to install and will provide you peace of mind. 

These locks are a strong defense against theft, but these locks are keyed alike and may be able to be unlocked with another set of keys for the same lock.

Fortunately, the likelihood of a thief being prepared with the correct set of keys is slim. The lock is a neutral color and my not provide a visual deterrent.


  • Challenging lock
  • Simple design
  • Heavy duty material


  • Black color doesn’t provide visual deterrent
  • May be keyed alike

How to Find the Best Trailer Hitch Lock

If you’re trying to discover what would be your best option for a trailer hitch lock, you have to look no further.

Deciding on what lock would be best for your trailer should be carefully considered. 

The option you choose will be what protects the investment of your trailer and all of the items within it. 

Here is some extended information about trailer hitch locks and what you should look for when purchasing one for yourself. 

What is a trailer hitch lock?

A trailer hitch lock is a mechanism that secures the part of your trailer that attaches to a vehicle by covering the attachment area with a lock.

This deters thieves by making it harder to attach your trailer hitch to their vehicle.

Good trailer hitch locks are useful as a protective measure against tampering and can usually withstand substantial force and interference.

How does it work?

A trailer hitch lock works by covering the part of your hitch that attaches to a vehicle. T

here are other types of trailer locks that can be used by attaching them to your wheel to prevent the trailer from rolling, but these are best used in tandem with a hitch lock. 

What to Look for When Buying a Trailer Hitch Lock

There are certain things that you should look for when you’re purchasing your trailer hitch lock. Being aware of what size your coupler is, the class of your hitch, the materials you’re selecting and the lock design will help you find a durable lock. 

Hitch Class/Coupler Size

Most trailer couplers range in sizes from 1 7/8” to 2 5/16”, making it easy to find a lock that fits your hitch exactly.

It must be noted that hitches have different classes and that should be closely paid attention to when you’re selecting a lock for your trailer. 

The classes are I to V and you have to match your hitch pins to their correct size as well or they will not fit.

When it says that you’re purchasing a universal size for your coupler lock, that may not mean that it will fit. Finding the right measurements for your coupler will save you trouble later. 


There are many different materials that you can select for your trailer hitch lock. You should be mindful of the material you select because the sturdier your material is the less likely it will be that someone unexpected can break your lock.

Your best bet for a high-quality lock is purchasing one that is made of hardened steel. Steel is non-corrosive which makes it resistant to rust.

A rusted lock can be easily broken due to the weakening of the metal. 

Having a hardened steel lock will challenge the attempts of a thief.

There are other materials available for a trailer hitch lock such as aluminum or heavy-duty plastic, but these types of materials can be easily penetrated and should not be considered for a valuable investment. 

Lock Design

Hitch locks are important tools for keeping your trailer safe and secure, but there are certain things to note about how they are occasionally manufactured.

There are manufacturers who create keyed-alike locks which means that there are multiple sets of keys that can unlock your lock. 

This presents a unique problem. If a potential thief manages to correctly identify your lock and manages to procure a key that can detach your hitch lock then you’ll find yourself without a trailer. It’s a good idea to pay attention to this potential problem. 

There are manufacturers who produce locks that have one-of-a-kind keys which can help keep your trailer secure.

It is ideal to purchase a trailer hitch lock that comes with a unique set of keys to protect your trailer. 

Different types of trailer locks

For your trailer, there are two main kinds of trailer hitch locks that you can consider purchasing.

The durability and ease-of-use of these two kinds of locks make them both good choices for any trailer, but it’s best to consider what would suit your preferences. 

Receiver Style Hitch Locks

These hitch locks are pretty simple.

There essential a pin that you drop through the place where you’d attach your hitch to a vehicle and there are locks on the end that prevent their removal.

Some of these hitch locks have double-ended locking mechanisms for double-sided attachment and removal.

There are receiver style hitch locks that are bent at the end to prevent someone from yanking the pin straight out of the hitch hole. 

These locks are intended for use when your trailer is attached to the hitch. If this lock is used on it’s own, it will be ineffective towards deterring a thief.

These hitch locks are ideal for traveling, but if you’re going to park your trailer for a while and will be in the vicinity of untrustworthy individuals, it’s ideal to purchase a different kind of lock. 

Coupler Hitch Locks

Coupler hitch locks are meant to be used on trailers that are dormant and won’t be used for a while.

These locks are meant to keep someone from attaching your trailer to their vehicle. These locks have a ball-shaped component that attaches to where your coupler would meet it’s matching piece on a vehicle.

These locks block that portion of the trailer attachment and makes it impossible for someone to hook up their own vehicle with it properly in place.

best trailer coupler lock

What are good trailer lock brands?

There are many different lock brands available, but there are some noteworthy brands to consider when purchasing a trailer lock.

There are two main brands to consider when purchasing a trailer lock. 

Master Lock

Master Lock is an industry leader and has been actively manufacturing locks and other goods since 1921.

Their locks are trusted and respected thanks to the many years they have been protecting the valuables of people everywhere.

They have various lock designs and are depended upon by people from all walks of life.


Trimax is a reputable lock manufacturer that strives to produce locks that put up a good fight against unwanted tampering.

Their locks are strong, dependable, and respected across the board.

You can count on Trimax to protect your most valuable possessions. 

Choose the right size for your trailer hitch lock

Knowing the class of your hitch, which will be somewhere between I and V, will help you determine the correct size of your hitch.

Choosing the best trailer hitch lock is dependent on knowing if the lock is a receiving hitch lock or a coupler lock, the correct class, and what size you’ll need your lock to be.

How do you lock a trailer hitch?

Based on what kind of trailer hitch lock you decide on, you’ll be able to lock your lock with these simple steps.

For a coupler hitch lock, you want to detach your trailer from your vehicle and fasten the lock around the coupler.

There will be a ball-shaped component that fits within the coupler, and depending on what shape your lock is, it will secure itself to the coupler so it cannot be reattached to a vehicle without removing it. 

For a receiver style hitch lock, your trailer will have to be attached to your vehicle.

The lock will work with the receiving piece on your vehicle that your trailer is attached to.

You’ll take the pin, place it in the holed area where the hitch and receiver meet, and lock the sides of the pin that have lock mechanisms. 

How do you unlock a trailer hitch lock?

The only proper way to unlock a trailer hitch lock is to use the key that it comes with. If you lose your key, there are ways to purchase another one through the manufacturer.

Trying to unlock your trailer hitch lock any other way will most likely end up with the lock being damaged.

Is it easy to steal a trailer?

The ease of stealing a trailer is dependent on the preparedness of the owner.

There are many different ways you can protect against a potential theft, making the chances or ease of having your trailer stolen up to you.

If you are prepared for a potential theft, it will be much harder for a would-be thief to run off with your things.

If you do not properly prepare and secure your belongings, you are more likely to be targeted.

How to prevent trailer theft?

You can prevent theft by purchasing a sturdy hitch lock and a wheel chock.

The combination of these two different locks will make the time it takes someone to dismantle these locks substantial.

Thieves usually have to work quickly, and if you make the task of stealing your trailer a tough endeavor, they’re likely to give up quickly or not try at all.

best trailer coupler lock

Best Trailer Lock - Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a trailer hitch lock, you should consider Master Lock and Trimax as your best options.

Although no lock is one hundred percent infallible, these two companies produce some of the best locks on the market. 

Master Lock has multiple options for their different locking mechanisms, they are trusted throughout the world and make locks that are hard to open without the proper key. They’ve been making locks for 98 years, and they have built a reputable name for themselves. 

Master Lock - Universal Size Fits 1-7/8", 2", and 2-5/16" Couplers - Trailer Locks #389DAT
  • Universal coupler lock fits virtually all 1-7/8", 2", and 2-5/16" trailer couplers.
  • Bright red finish discourages thief's from messing with your trailer.
  • Resists rust and corrosion. Simple installation and removal.
  • Advanced locking mechanism resists picking and prying.
  • We can NOT key two (2) of these locks the same. The similar 379KA coupler locks are available keyed alike. The only difference between this one (389DAT) and the 379KA is the color.

Trimax may be a newer company, but they manufacture locks that are made of strong materials and can withstand abusive interferences that could impact the integrity of your lock.

This company is reliable and will help you rest easy knowing your belongings are secure.

Please let us know what do you think in the comments below!