You should be careful when choosing between a steel rope and a synthetic rope. Both will help you solve the issue of recovering your vehicle, however, synthetic ropes are better for people using their winch more frequently. Welcome to our Best Synthetic Winch Ropes Review!

Synthetic winch ropes weigh less, don’t store a lot of potential energy when under load, and aren’t prone to rust or sharp burrs. You might want to check for frays and damage areas on your synthetic winch rope every now and then, but all things considered, it is the better choice in terms of how easy it is to handle.

We have compiled a list of best synthetic winch ropes based on their feasibility, weight, ease of use, and cost. You will also read a Cable Rope vs. Synthetic Rope analysis after the individual reviews.

Quick Comparison of the Best Synthetic Winch Ropes

Best Synthetic Winch Rope Reviews

Review of The Synthetic Winch Rope Kit

This synthetic winch rope comes with a heavy-duty snap shackle, rubber stopper and a carry bag. The issues of fraying and over-heating are tackled with the use of a heavy-duty protective layer.

All sorts of trucks and vehicles can be recovered with this rope, and despite its small weight of 2.4 pounds it has high strength and is quite durable.

Retraction of the rope is flawless. As it comes in three different sizes and breaking strength, the appropriate type will fit most winches on overland rigs and offroad trucks, ATVs, UTVs, etc. winches including Smittybilt, ARB, Power Winch etc.

There is a minimal stretch when the rope is under load, and it is quite easy to handle. All the people who use this product get what they expect from the pictures, and nobody is left unsatisfied.

It comes in the 50'X3/16'', 50'X1/4” size as well as the 95'X3/8” size. The latter weighs 5.5 pounds while the formers 2.4 and 2.0 pounds respectively.

Their respective breaking strength are 4400 lbs (3/16''), 6400 lbs (1/4'') and 18,000 lbs (3/8'') 


  • Diameter X Length: three versions - 3/16'' x 50'; 1/4'' x 50'; 3/8'' x 95'
  • Breaking Strength: 4400 lbs (3/16''); 6400 lbs (1/4"); 18,5000 lbs (3/8")
  • Shackle Size: 3/16" Rope - 1/4 Shackle; 1/4" Rope - 5/16" Shackle; 3/8" Rope - 3/8" Shackle 
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Review of California Cordage DynaTech UHMWPE Winch Rope

The words “don’t judge a book by its cover” fit perfectly when talking about DynaTech UMHWPE winch rope. It looks quite unimpressive when you first unpack it, but when you take it out on a trip, you realize how handy it is.

Customers reported that it looks like a cheap nylon rope but is in fact quite durable and the strongest version can withstand weights up to 29,700 pounds. The Ico-Thane 10 coating makes it impervious to abrasion and UV radiation.

To make it as simple and long-life a product as possible it comes with a protective abrasion sleeve, and the drum end has a special heat sleeve. You have choices between six sizes and eight colors.

Anyone who uses it for the first time is pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product.


  • Diameter X Length: 1/2'' x 100’; 1/4“ x 50’; 3/8” x 100’; 3/16” x 50’; 5/16” x 50’; and 5/16 x 100’
  • Breaking Strength: 6,380 - 29,700 lbs
  • Shackles: G80 forged hooks
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Review Of Yoursme Nylon Synthetic Winch Cable Rope

The 1/4” X 50’ variant offered by Yoursme is one of the most lightweight synthetic winch ropes you will find, yet the 10 ounce weight comes with a great 7,500 lbs breaking limit.

It provides strong abrasion, UV, and chemical protection. The black protective sleeve that comes with the orange rope makes it less prone to slippage and overheating. Not for those using the heavy pick-up and 4X4 trucks with its 7,500 lb rating but it is much easy to install and lasts much more than you would think initially.

For smaller cars and UTV's, ATV's would be a great choice! It comes in two colors: orange and blue.


  • Diameter X Length: 1/4'' x 50'
  • Breaking Strength: 7,500 lbs
  • Shackles: unfortunately a shackle is not provided
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Review of Hooai Synthetic Winch Rope

This is another low-cost option for those looking for the best synthetic winch rope. It has all the benefits of a synthetic winch rope against steel ropes and works for a long time.

You can use it on most vehicles since it is quite long and weighs only 13 ounces.

The 7,000 lb rating is a limitation that won't fit many overland rigs, but for your UTV/ATV it's more than enough. 

If you have a small 4X4 vehicle, you can also consider it. The package does not come with a hook so may want to buy that seperately. But apart from that, it is easy to handle and has no sharp frays. The black heatproof cable is another plus point for using it.


  • Diameter X Length: 1/4'' x 48'
  • Breaking Strength: 7,000 lbs
  • Shackles: unfortunately a shackle is not provided
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Review of Warn Spydura Synthetic Rope

Given Warn's name on the market and their proven track record in the off-road and overlanding world, the product reviewed here is a bit pricey, so it may not be for all the users in the market.

However, anyone who opts for this winch rope does not look for another in his entire life. The rope comes with a lot of add-ons like the polythene material it is made of. The ultra-high molecular weight provides a lot more tensile strength as well as protection against abrasion.
Even the ballistic nylon sliding sleeve provides protection against abrasion. It is slightly overweight at 7.3 pounds, but the urethane coating helps you fight off UV as well as chemical resistance without a problem.

Anyone who makes the decision to spend the relatively higher price for Warn’s offering, doesn’t regret it.

It comes in three size and strengths versions. Please see specifications below.


  • Diameter X Length: 3/8'' x 80'; 3/8'' x 90'; 3/8'' x 100'
  • Breaking Strength: 10,000 - 12,000 lbs
  • Shackles: heavy-duty Warn shackle
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Review of AUXMART Synthetic Winch Rope

This is another product that is slightly costlier, but again, it is from a quality manufacturer. The AUXMART winch rope paired with a great winch can help you in tricky situations. It is strong and durable but light enough so that it doesn't add to much weight to the front of the vehicle.

The cable does not have any frays or splinters. The protective sleeve that the rope comes in is quite protective against heat, slippage, and sharp surfaces. 

The 20,500 lbs rating makes it suitable for most vehicles and installing it is quite easy. It’s about 4.6 pounds in weight. Customer satisfaction is overwhelmingly positive.


  • Diameter X Length: 3/8'' x 95'
  • Breaking Strength: 20,500 lbs
  • Shackles: it doesn't come with a hook
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Review of Smittybilt 97710 XRC Universal Synthetic Rope

This product by Smittybilt is one of the best synthetic winch ropes. There are many factors in deciding that. It is not one of the cheap ropes but isn’t the costliest either.

It isn’t one of the lightest ropes but isn’t the heaviest either. It weighs a lot less than steel ropes, up to 7 times less.

There is protection against UV and chemical radiation, overheating, won't have any kinks or frays, and is specially coated to prevent slippage of the winch drum. All the little details are covered to give you a finished product.


  • Diameter X Length: 25/64'' x 94'
  • Breaking Strength: 10,000 lbs
  • Shackles: safety hook with connector link provided
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Cable Rope vs. Synthetic Rope

Is a synthetic winch rope better than steel cables? Well, both types have advantages and disadvantages.

Heat and Weight

Cable ropes allow heat to escape from the inner brake drum and are considered quite durable and long-lasting. However, despite its cheaper pricing, they are heavier and a lot more difficult to handle than synthetic ropes.


Formation of rust and kinks on a cable rope is quite ordinary, which makes it difficult to fix it when you are on the trail and want to use it. This is where synthetic ropes prevail.

What is synthetic rope made of?

They are made from polypropylene material which makes them lighter and rust and kinks don't come in to play. They are of the same lengths but are a lot easier to use and carry, and you have a lot of options in different colors to choose from.

How to maintain a synthetic winch rope?

If you don’t take care of the drawbacks of synthetic winch ropes with an additional coverage, you will be in trouble.

Since there is no escape of heat, they are more prone to abrasion and freezing by trapped water. Sunlight and debris also play a part in spoiling an unprotected synthetic winch rope, while UV radiation is another factor to take care of.

Sand and dirt can result in internal wear and tear of the rope, which is something you will have to clean yourself.


The rope you’re purchasing needs to be compatible with the rope attachment method of the winch on your vehicle. There are winches that use a lug on the end of the rope attaching to the drum or drum flange.

On others, the winch rope is fed through a hole on the drum. A ‘tail’ is placed down the drum, and the rope is wound on. Make sure you check yours before buying.

Jeep with synthetic winch rope


The Warn, Smittybilt, and Yoursme Nylon synthetic winch ropes are the best of the lot we discussed in this article.

While the first two have a lot to offer than the others because of the price they charge, the third has a lot of add-ons which make it one of the best options for those running on a strict budget.

All these three are extremely easy to use and you get exactly what you see in the manual and pictures when you order these products.

They will go well with all your existing winch and give you a much better alternative than steel cables with their lighter structure.

For a full understanding on winches and other important factors around winch ropes, please read our comprehensive guide: Winch Buying Guide - How To Choose The Best 4x4 Winch

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