17 Things You Can Change to Reduce Your Impact on the Environment While Overlanding
Overlanders usually use large vehicles, with either gas or diesel engines with low mpg’s.While using hybrids or even electric vehicles[...]
11 Reasons That Make Georgia (country) an Overlanding Wonder
You might have heard the interview with us in the GHT Overland Podcast, where we mentioned we believe that Georgia,[...]
Overlanding through China
There are thousands of travel blogs out there that can help travelers decide where to go and what to see[...]
Hi-Lift Jack Review and Guide
If you’re into off-roading or overlanding, then you’ve probably heard of Hi-Lift, the American company based in Indiana. The company’s[...]
12 Reasons Why Mongolia is Perfect for Overlanding
Mongolia is a special place for overlanders. Here are the reasons why:  1. Endless opportunities for remote, adventurous overlanding. ​Mongolia is the[...]
From California to the Sahara Desert with a 4Runner – Meet Marc!
We've met Marc during our African adventure when we took part in the Budapest-Bamako Rally. Marc was driving a 3rd[...]
How To Use A Tire Repair Kit
Proper vehicle safety involves keeping a fully stocked emergency toolkit. A vital part of this kit, especially if the journeys[...]
The Ultimate Guide To Camping Stoves
If you’re a keen enthusiast of overlanding, it means that camping is 'your thing'. And while cooking outdoors is definitely[...]
How And Where Are YETI Coolers Made?
What’s the first thing you can think of when you think “cold”? Winter, ice, the abominable snowman – YETI. There’s[...]
The Rubicon Trail – Useful Information Before You Go
What Is The Rubicon Trail?  If you enjoy off-roading in the western U.S., then you have probably heard of the Rubicon[...]
Rooftop Tents vs Ground Tents
While camping in a tent has been around for a long time, mounting a tent to the roof of a[...]
How A Raised Air Intake Works
What Is A Snorkel Or Raised Air Intake?A snorkel is a device often used on an overland vehicle that moves[...]
What is the Budapest-Bamako Rally?
January 13, 2018: Not much happened on this day other than trying to get as close to Almeria, Spain, where[...]
Winch Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best 4×4 Winch
What Do You Need to Consider in Order to Choose the Best 4x4 Winch for Your RigAs overlanders and off-roaders[...]
What you need to know if you are looking for the Best Power Inverter for your Overlanding Vehicle
​When you have electrical devices in your overlanding vehicle such as a laptop, a fridge-freezer that require power, you will[...]
What is Overlanding?
What is Overlanding? - Its History, The Lifestyle, The Very Basics That You Need To Know         [...]
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