Camping with your loved ones is a unique experience. It is a chance for you to bond with the people you love, while enjoying the beautiful nature surrounding you. Nothing compares with the quality time spent outdoors, right? Still, in order for things to go smoothly during your adventures, you need a sturdy, large tent – and the Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Tent could be the right choice. But is it the best large tent?

Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent - 10 Person
  • Spacious dome tent that sleeps up to 10-Person
  • Shock-corded fiberglass frame with pin-and-ring system for easy setup
  • Large mesh roof vents and windows provide excellent ventilation
  • 2 large D-style doors; patented hooped fly frame adds rain protection
  • Stow 'n' Go duffel system; measures 18 x 6.3 x 10 feet (W x H x D)

Review of the Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Tent

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  • Large, roomy tent that can accommodate a significant number of people
  • Easy, time-efficient set up
  • You can use it in almost any location


  • Due to the mesh roof and windows, you might experience unpleasant leaking incidents
  • The tent doesn’t withstand strong winds

Key Features of the Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Tent


Of course, the main characteristic of this tent is the fact that you get a lot of room. As the name already implies, it should accommodate 10 persons easily – and this is really the case.

Essentially, the fact that it is rather tall is another advantage – that is to say, it is 76 inches tall (we’re talking about the center of the tent). This will make changing inside a breeze.

best large tent for the money

Internal Organization

Moving on to the way in which this tent is organized, you can get inside through two D-shaped doors. There is also an internal removable divider.

This way, the doors lead the way to two separate sections. Each side features a window with mesh and a panel, which facilitate optimal rain protection.

Note that there aren’t any ventilation openings. Hence, in the case of abundant rain, when you would have to keep the panels closed, ventilation could become a problem.

Therefore, perhaps you should avoid using this tent when rain is expected.

Easy Set-up

Most campers appreciate tents that are easy to set-up.

And this applies to large tents, in particular. Thanks to the pin-and-ring system, the set-up shouldn’t be a problem, not to mention that the sleeves on the roof mean that the tent is almost freestanding.

What Previous Buyers Say 

After doing some research online, we determined that the reviews for this tent are overwhelmingly positive. For one thing, users are pleased with the fact that the tent is roomy and large.

That is to say, you can easily accommodate a twin-size air mattress, a queen size air mattress, a small table, as well as other bags and equipment.

And, even so, you’ll still have plenty of floor space. Additionally, as long as you follow the instructions closely, you shouldn’t have any problems with setting up the tent.

On the other side, there were some complaints regarding the entry zippers, and some people said it is a hassle the get through them. Plus, in extreme weather conditions, some users experienced leaking incidents.

Best Large Tent Alternatives

Conclusion - Best Large Tents

To conclude, if you’re on the lookout for a large tent that offers decent price-quality ratio, the Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10-Person Tent might address your specific needs. It is roomy, easy to set up, and the design is really practical.

Nevertheless, it isn’t recommended for rainy or stormy weather, due to the lack of a proper ventilation system.

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