When an overland trip includes family or friends, sleeping room for everyone is required. When that off-road travel takes up the full day, a tent needs to set up quickly. Instant tents are a traveler's dream, allowing campers to pitch a tent in less than a minute in most cases. Welcome to our review article for the Best Instant Tent!

Best Instant Tent Reviews

Review Of Coleman Pop-Up Tent

Coleman's pop-up tent comes in two sizes: for 2 and 4 persons. The larger one measures 9.15 x 6.5 x 3.33 feet and weighs 7.07-pounds, a respectable size for those looking for a family tent. While it might struggle fitting four adults, it would be ideal for parents with two children.

The lighter weight is also a nice feature that makes it easier to carry short distances from an overland vehicle.

The smaller version comes with the same features and quality, it differs only in size: 7.5 x 4.4 feet.

Those who have purchased this tent concur that pitching this tent is extremely easy.

That is ideal for less experienced campers and for off-road travelers looking for a fast setup after a long day. Some did mention that the lighter material would not provide comfort in cold weather, but most overland trips happen during the warmer months in most cases.

An extra footprint purchased for placement underneath the tent will add to its longevity.

For a simple camping experience, the tent provides a couple of storage pockets to hold things overnight.

A wide doorway provides easy access, a design feature that can help a sleepy camper quickly enter and exit the tent during the night.


  • The pre-assembled poles can be set in 10-seconds
  • A cuff that covers the zipper helps to keep water out
  • Its oval shape is engineered to better handle the wind
  • The rainfly can be easily adjusted for ventilation


  • The four-person tent has a low ceiling of 3.33 feet
  • The taped floor seams are not as water-resistant as welded seams
  • Its sleeping space will be cramped with more than three adults
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Review Of ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent

This ZOMAKE pop-up tent measures 95.5 x 70.9 x 39.4 inches, providing a sleeping space of nearly eight-feet by six-feet. There is enough room provided to sit up in while dressing.

The product weighs only five-pounds, making this extremely light to carry to a camp away from an off-road rig. This feature means that it is portable enough for a child to carry.

ZOMAKE has created a warm weather design with a wide doorway and side flaps that open.

This would be a good choice for hot summer nights when ventilation and visibility are considered a plus. The zippers are easy to operate.  It does not require poles to pitch and can be ready in less than a minute.

Customers found the design will provide ample protection for summer camping or a night on the beach.

While some noted its lack of water protection, a rain fly is included that protects from light mists and fog. Adding a water-resistant coating or sealant will increase water protection in this tent. It can easily sleep two adults and a child.

All necessary equipment needed to set the tent up is included with its purchase. We think, ultimately this is the best instant tent.


  • The tent provides great ventilation for campers
  • It is fairly light for the sleeping size it provides
  • The wide-open design makes cleaning simple


  • This tent is designed to handle the warmer months only
  • Its material does not provide waterproof protection
  • The large doorway and side flaps make this tent harder to pack
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Review Of Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

This large instant tent from Coleman measures nearly 14.0 x 10.0 x 6.5 feet and weighs 35.2-pounds. These dimensions are ideal for an overland adventurer supplying accommodations for a larger group.

The height is one of the great features of this tent, providing standing space for most individuals to dress while standing. For its size, it can be assembled in roughly a minute by a practiced camper.

Another stand out feature on this unit is the divider that allows an owner to divide the tent into two areas. This provides privacy between parties or separates sleepers from their gear.

With two access doorways and seven larger vents and windows, this tent offers occupants greater ventilation. These openings are shielded with a dent mesh that keeps air moving in without inviting mosquitos and other bugs in as well.

This Coleman tent includes Inverted seams, waterproof flooring, and cuffs on the zippers provide a decent level of water protection for those camping in wet conditions.

Customers have commented that the tent can be hard to set up quickly, but practicing setup and teardown before the trip will eliminate this problem.


  • The height of the tent provides standing room for campers
  • It can be divided into two areas for more versatility
  • This tent provides a large base surface for sleeping


  • Its height provides a profile that wind will attack
  • The weight limits the portability of this tent
  • The poles and size will take up more vehicle space
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Buyer's Advice For The Best Instant Tent

best instant tents for the money

Instant tents are designed to be pitched in a minute or two for those needing quick shelter.

Each of the tents reviewed above is popular choices amongst overland enthusiasts who travel with family or friends.

They each represent some of the best features of their product categories.

As for which unit represents the best instant tent examined, the answer will be determined by a user's needs. The number of occupants is a major factor, as is the time of year an off-road trip will occur. 

These instant tents provide a hassle-free end to a day's worth of driving! The above are the best instant tents in their respective sizes. Now you only have to decide how many people are you going to share it with.

Perhaps, if you want to look around further, you could read our reviews on the Best Large Tent.

You could also consider a rooftop-tent for truck campingbut another alternative could be a trendy tent cot as well.

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