A hammock is an excellent product that you can use in numerous scenarios. You can use one in your back yard or during your camping adventures. And the best part about it is that, with the right accessories, such as choosing the best hammock underquilt, you can enjoy your hammock even during the colder temperatures.

This brings us to our topic – namely underquilts. The best underquilt is built to provide you excellent insulation from the bottom. Whenever you’re sleeping in a hammock, specifically during the cold weather, you are exposed to the elements.

While a sleeping bag might be helpful, to some extent, it isn’t as efficient as an underquilt, which is especially engineered for this purpose.

So, if you’re thinking of investing in the best hammock underquilt, you’ve come to the right place.
This guide includes top product recommendations, alongside with some essential tips that will be helpful during the shopping process.

Best Hammock Underquilts List

Chill Gorilla Hammock Underquilt Blanket

Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO Vulcan Underquilt

The Outdoor Vitals Aerie 20°F Down Underquilt

The OneTigris Hammock Underquilt

SnugPak Hammock Cocoon with Travelsoft Filling

Eagles Nest Outfitters Ember 2 Underquilt

Why Do You Need the Best Underquilt?

First things first: do you really need the best hammock underquilt?

So, if you’ve reached this guide, the odds are that you’re passionate about camping and maybe overlanding. And, while sleeping pads can be helpful if you’re sleeping in a hammock, moving them around at night is quite inconvenient.

As for sleeping bags, if you use one of these in a hammock, then the bottom part of the bag is likely to compress. This will reduce its insulating efficiency.

That is why the best hammock underquilt is so useful! You place it on the outside of the hammock, which means that you don’t have to worry about it getting compressed.

At the same time, considering that you attach the underquilt under the hammock, you won’t even feel that it’s there. Plus, you won’t get twisted up in it, as it would happen if you were using a sleeping bag.

best hammock underquilt

Excellent spot for a hammock with an underquilt

Moving on to comfort, campers also prefer them since they are created to fit around the hammock. Additionally, an underquilt won’t stand in your way when you want to get in or out of the hammock.

Another great thing about underquilts is that you can adjust the level of insulation you get. You can do that by doing something as simple as opening the top, in order to let the cooler air in.
Conversely, you might utilize an underquilt of a smaller size for the same purpose.

How to Choose the Best Hammock Underquilt for Your Specific Needs?


One of the most important characteristics in the best hammock underquilt is its insulation. At the end of the day, it’s the filling that protects you from the elements.

In terms of insulation, there are two major subcategories: namely down and synthetic. We couldn’t argue that one of these is the best and the other one isn’t.

In fact, both of them work great, and it comes down to personal preference.

For example, if you want the most ultra-lightweight option, a down underquilt might be a better alternative for you.

Still, you should have a stuff sack for the gear or a decent waterproof tarp to prevent it from getting wet.

On the other side, synthetic insulation isn’t as lightweight as down. However, even if it is exposed to water, it is likely to preserve its heat much better than down.

As you can see, it’s up to you to determine the right insulation for your needs.


Moving on, the best hammock underquilt should be made of a sturdy, rip-stop material. This maximizes the durability of the item, which is extremely important for every overlanding adventure.

At the same time, the material should have a water repellant coating – such as DWR. This way, you won’t have to worry about your equipment getting wet. 


Another critical consideration is the weight of the product. The best scenario is, of course, picking the most lightweight item.

This would be really practical if you want to keep the size of your backpack down.

That being said, you should always check the manufacturer’s specifications regarding the weight. Keep in mind that the lightest models weigh roughly 20 ounces.

On the other side, when it comes to heavier products, they weigh approximately 50 ounces.

The question is: how much do you need ultra-lightweight equipment? If this is extremely important to you, then it should be at the very top of your priority list.


Evidently, you should pick the right underquilt for your hammock – otherwise, it won’t be of any help. It goes without saying that some models are larger while others are narrower.

Ideally, the item you pick should be large enough to ensure a comfortable fit when lying in the hammock.

Bear in mind that, if it is too snug, this will restrict your movements, which could impair your comfort.

Of course, getting an item that is too large isn’t good either – that’s because it might leave open gaps, where heat might escape during the night.


Typically, underquilts feature a rectangle shape, and a shock cord suspension, so that you can adjust them depending on the contour of your body.

In order to ensure that the underquilt preserves the heat, you should eliminate any gaps between the hammock and the underquilt.

A gap will inevitably reduce the insulating level, which jeopardizes the whole purpose of getting a hammock underquilt for overlanding.

So, make sure you determine if the product you’re looking at is the right one for your hammock. 

Temperature Rating

Everyone has different camping habits. Some prefer camping during the summer, while others appreciate an overlanding adventure during late fall or even winter – it all comes down to your personal taste.

Depending on that, you should get the hammock underquilt whose temperature rating meets your needs.

For example, if you enjoy camping in the alpine backcountry, you can always consider adding a sleeping bag to your gear, to maximize the insulation level you get.

Now, let’s see a few reviews for some of the best hammock underquilts on the market.

Best Best Hammock Underquilt Reviews

Review Of The Chill Gorilla Hammock Underquilt Blanket

To start with, this product can be presented as the best hammock underquilt due to a handful of reasons.

For one thing, it is made of sturdy, durable material – 20D water-resistant rip-stop nylon. This means that you’ll be able to use it for many of your adventurous trips.

What is more, it is engineered to withstand low temperatures. Moreover, the 40 Fahrenheit degrees synthetic insulation is effortless to wash.

At the same time, it dries out really quickly, which is an important advantage when you’re on the road.

Another noteworthy characteristic is the fact that it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Also, the fact that setting this underquilt is easy is just as important. What you have to do is simply connect the two elastic shock chords in the center of the ends.

Afterward, you have to attach the two outer shock chords to the mechanical system and anchor.

The fact that you have to attach it at both ends really simplifies everything. Another unique design feature is that the feet area is significantly smaller in comparison to the head area.

This is improving the fit. Plus, the sides are curved, which is a plus.

From our experience, if the sides are straight, this could make the underquilt to sag.

As mentioned by previous customers, you should bear in mind that setting up this underquilt doesn’t eliminate the need for a topside blanket or sleeping bag for a change.

That’s primarily because hammock underquilts are made to safeguard you from the cold air blown below your hammock.

Of course, the temperature outside will have a say in this, as well. But, as a rule of thumb, you might still need a sleeping bag, quilt or blanket.

It is also quite nice that the underquilt comes with everything you need for using it out of the package.

At the same time, since the product is really long, this should be suitable even for taller guys out there who might find it difficult to get the right length in a hammock underquilt.


  • It is relatively lightweight
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Unique design characteristics
  • Thermal efficacy
  • Setting it up is easy
  • It features a rip-stop construction


  • The instructions should be more comprehensive
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Review Of The Eagles Nest Outfitters ENO Vulcan Underquilt

This underquilt is designed specially to keep you warm during the cold nights. It is made of rip-stop nylon, which has been treated with a durable water repellent finish, in order to withstand exposure to moisture.

This is really important as when you’re on a camping trip, you are exposed to all the elements.

Concurrently, the underquilt features PrimaLoft Synergy synthetic insulation. This means that it provides you with unmatched protection from both the wind and the cold.

It would be safe to say that this underquilt is made to withstand even the coldest temperatures.

Moving on to the design of the unit, you should note that it is made to follow the contour of the body. You just have to install it snugly beneath your hammock by using the shock-cord suspension system, which is wholly adjustable.

On a different note, thanks to its unique construction, this underquilt does a decent job at keeping the drafts out.

That is accomplished due to the cocoon shape, which contours after the shape of the body, thus, preserving the heat.

At the same time, aside from the underquilt, you also get a nylon stuff sack, as well as a cotton storage bag.  

Furthermore, some campers might think of this particular underquilt as being on the heavy size – since it weighs roughly 30 oz. Evidently, this depends on your specific camping habits.

So, if you’re a fan of ultra-light camping, perhaps you might consider picking another unit.

Still, we would have to say that for the casual camper, this would qualify as a lightweight hammock underquilt.

Another potential drawback could be that it isn’t as compressible as other products that are made from down. However, this is expected of synthetic insulation.


  • This is an excellent option for the casual camper
  • Long-lasting, sturdy waterproof coating ideal for all types of weather
  • It does a decent job at preserving the heat
  • Practical, efficient design


  • It isn’t the most compressible underquilt
  • Some campers might think of it as being too heavy
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Review Of The Outdoor Vitals Aerie 20°F Down Underquilt

Our list of recommendations for the best underquilt hammock continues with this high-quality product manufactured by the Outdoor Vitals.

The odds are that you haven’t heard of this company until now since it is a newly-established, family-owned firm that sells top-quality items at fairly convenient rates.

It accomplishes this by selling exclusively online – since selling in stores is associated with numerous expenses that add up to the original price of the items.

We like that this is a versatile unit to have on every camping trip.

According to the manufacturer, you can successfully use it as a hammock underquilt, a sleeping pod system, a sleeping bag, technical blanket, double sleeping bag, or for insulating.

As you can see, it can address numerous needs while remaining lightweight and compact.

Moving on, it features 800 fill power down, which is highly compressible. It compresses to the size of a football, meaning that you’ll easily forget that you have it in your backpack.  

Evidently, preserving a hammock underquilt dry at all times is essential. This is primarily why the item has VitalDry DWR coating, which prevents the water from penetrating the outer shell of the unit.

That is to say, you can depend on it to keep you insulated, warm and dry during the coldest camping nights.

On the other hand, the inside zipper guard might be a tad inconvenient. That’s because the build quality feels a bit cheap, making it prone to get stuck.

At the same time, customers would have liked the product to be available in more colors.

Overall, though, for the price you pay, the quality of this underquilt is fair and decent.

We would recommend it as an underquilt – even though the manufacturer says that you can use it as a sleeping bag, as well. Who knows – perhaps you’ll like it for that purpose, as well.


  • It is versatile
  • It has an excellent price
  • Great price-quality ratio
  • The product is warm and compressible
  • It is lightweight


  • The quality of the zippers is inferior
  • Limited color selection
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Review Of The OneTigris Hammock Underquilt

OneTigris is a renowned manufacturer in the world of overlanding equipment. And this particular hammock underquilt is another example of excellent quality and craftsmanship.

It is meant to be used in severe temperatures – down to 40 Fahrenheit degrees. That is to say, if you’re looking for the best hammock underquilt for three-season use, this one should be down your alley.

Weighing 26 ounces, we could argue that it qualifies as being lightweight. So, it is easy to carry around and you won’t even feel it in your bag.

Not to mention that it compresses down to 13″ x 8″, meaning that you can easily accommodate it in your backpack.

At the same time, the nylon stuff sack comes in really handy and makes it easy for you to store it.

Moving on to the insulation used for this underquilt, it is the SEE® Polyester Filling.

Supposedly, it should perform in the same way as the PrimaLoft.

What about potential drawbacks? Is there anything worth mentioning in this department?

For one thing, due to the stitching, this underquilt is likely to catch a draft.

On a different note, in comparison with other items mentioned in our list, the design of this particular underquilt isn’t as efficient; in the sense that it doesn’t follow the contouring of the body as closely as other products on the market.

All in all, though, this is one of the best hammock underquilts if you’re on a budget. At the same time, if you don’t go on overlanding adventures on a regular basis, then you might not want to spend a small fortune on equipment.

As noted by other users, if you are an occasional camper, you’ll get a lot of use out of this hammock underquilt.


  • It features efficient water repellant coating
  • It has a fair price
  • t is suitable for 3 seasons
  • It is lightweight


  • The underquilt doesn’t contour after your body as other units
  • In severe scenarios, it might catch a draft
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Review Of The SnugPak Hammock Cocoon with Travelsoft Filling

If you’re passionate about overlanding, then you are accustomed to the specific wind chill you’re likely to feel if you don’t have the appropriate gear with you.

Fortunately, this hammock underquilt we’re reviewing will be of great help.

We like that this particular unit is versatile – that is to say, it fits the majority of hammocks on the market. When it comes to its construction, you should know it is made with MicroDiamond fabric and the material has been treated with an antibacterial coating.

At the same time, thanks to the Travelsoft filling, this underquilt is surprisingly comfortable.

Numerous customers were quite pleased with this aspect. Also, when it comes to the insulation level it provides, other users said it is rather decent.

After conducting several tests, we’ve concluded that this underquilt genuinely traps and preserves the heat. This is of utmost importance on an overlanding adventure.

Moving on, the compression stuff sack is a nice, useful addition, making the product easy to carry.

Even so, the not-so-great thing about this product is that it weighs roughly five pounds. This would make it quite heavy in comparison to other units, which are targeted for people who prefer ultra-light camping.

What about the design of the unit? Is it practical?

Yes, it is. That’s because you wrap it around the hammock like a second layer of skin.


  • It includes a shock cord
  • It features high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • It comes with a well-designed stuff sack
  • Decent wind resistance
  • Excellent size for most people


  • It is quite heavyweight, which could be an inconvenience for most campers
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Review Of The Eagles Nest Outfitters Ember 2 Underquilt

If you’re into serious camping and winter is no problem for you, then you’re probably looking for the best hammock underquilt designated for four seasons.

And this one by The Eagles Nest Outfitters might be just what you’re searching for.

However, even though it is targeted as a four-season underquilt, you should still note that its lowest temperature rating is of 50 Fahrenheit degrees.

So, make sure you take this into account when you’re going on any of your adventures.

This product’s filling is made of polyester. While it may not be as warm as other fillings, such as PrimaLoft, it does a decent job for most scenarios.

However, if you want to camp in colder climates, or in late fall, getting a sleeping bag could make the world of a difference and will provide a boost of insulation.

Of course, the evident drawback to that would be the added weight, which is an inconvenience to most campers. But that’s what you have to do when you camp during the colder months.

Even so, we still think of this as one of the best underquilts if you’re on a budget.

The universal fit comes as an additional benefit. This means that it easily accommodates most hammocks on the market.

Moreover, thanks to the shock cord, adjusting the underquilt so that it fits the shape of your body is really easy.

To be frank, this might be one of the most practical underquilts out there, when it comes to the ease of setting it up. Regardless of that, our advice to you would be to do a quick test fit before heading to your much-anticipated camping adventure.

In order to maximize the weather protection of this unit, the manufacturer has included a nylon shell with DWR finish, to resist moisture.

Some customers have mentioned that, over the course of time, the water resistance of the underquilt is likely to fade.

Still, you can always consider retreating the DWR, to ensure that you get the best protection.

On a final note, if you want one of the best underquilts for cold weather, and your budget is limited, you might want to consider this option.


  • It offers excellent value for the camper on a budget
  • Durable waterproof coating
  • 25 oz. – lightweight
  • It is easy to set up


  • During the winter, you might require a sleeping bag for a boost of warmth
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Buyer's Advice To Choose The Best Hammock Underquilt

So, when you’re looking for the best underquilt, you should assess your needs and camping habits. At the same time, don’t forget to consider its durability, insulation, fit, material and temperature rating.

If you had to recommend one of the best underquilts for most scenarios, we would have to say that it is the ENO Vulcan Underquilt. It is built to last and to fit most camping scenarios.

Still, if you’re on a budget, then The Eagles Nest Outfitters Ember 2 is also a great product.

Nevertheless, our other options are worth considering, as well, depending on the characteristics you’re looking for in the best underquilt.

We are hopeful that our guide has provided you with the background information you need for making the right investment!

This would be a great addition to your overland gear too!