If you’re looking to escape the stress of living in the city or if you simply want a break from your work, going on an overnight-camping trip might be exactly what you need. Yes, heading into the wild can be really exciting. Still, if you are not used to handling the darkness, you might consider bringing along the best camping lantern to make your stay more comfortable.

Camping lights are available in a wide range of shapes, weights, and have different power sources. They can be used not only for camping or backpacking but also for emergency situations when the electricity suddenly goes down.

No matter how you intend to use it, you may need the best LED camping lantern that has enough power and operates in stormy weather.

That being said, these are the top 9 camping lights and everything you need to know about them.

Best Camping Lights

Coleman LED String Lights

Gould Armour Camping Lantern

SUAOKI Collapsible Clover Style 18 LED Camping Light

SUAOKI LED Camping Lantern Lights

Hallomall Outdoor Camping Lights

E-TRENDS Portable LED Lantern Tent Light Bulb

MalloMe LED Camping Lantern Flashlights

Luminoodle LED Light Rope

Etekcity Portable LED Camping Lantern Flashlights

Best Camping Light Reviews

Review Of Coleman LED String Lights

Coleman LED String Lights is actually a set of 10 LED lanterns that can stretch up to 6 ft and can last up to 20 hours. This might be a good option if you want to bring some atmosphere to the wildlife experience.

It is light and it can be attached to your backpack with ease, as each lantern measures 1.51 by 2.75 inches, while the battery pack is 2.32 by 1.04 by 3.39 inches.

People who are looking to have a quick escape or go out for a night picnic can take advantage of the small form of the string.

The 10 LED lanterns set aside one another guarantee you will benefit from a lot of light all at once. That’s why it is considered one of the best LED camping lights.

The device is powered by three AA batteries and is not connectable with any other power source.

Overall, previous customers declare themselves satisfied with the product. Even though problems might appear here and there, they are happy with the value they got for the price.

Going out camping has been easier for them using these lights, which lasted even through the heavy rains.


  • Highly portable
  • Creates a beautiful atmosphere
  • Good amount of light


  • Not as resistant as other lanterns

Review Of Gould Armour Camping Lantern

Gould Armour Camping Lantern is an ideal accessory for people who want to spend a couple of nights out in their tents.

Powered by three AA batteries, the LED lanterns are not rechargeable on its own. They can, however, last longer using a battery recharger. Moreover, the lanterns come with a set of 12 batteries, which is a bonus.

With such a powerful LED camping light (350 Lumens), the 4 lanterns can bright up a large tent of 10 x 10.

It is hand-build with military grade, and it’s also water-resistant, so it will last even in the harshest conditions.

One lantern measures 4.90 inches in height and 3.46 inches in diameter when it is collapsed. At full extension, it goes up to 7.28 inches in height and it keeps its diameter.

It is one of the best camping lights for the price, and it can brighten large areas at a time. Avid campers who need powerful lights can benefit the most from its features.

Reviews point out the long-lasting power of the LED lantern, with the running time going up to 10 hours.
Another positive aspect was the amount of light they produce. The lantern was able to brighten even the outside of the tents and was visible from afar.


  • Great light capacity
  • It is compact and easy to carry
  • Price


  • It runs on battery

Review Of SUAOKI Collapsible Clover Style 18 LED Camping Light

SUAOKI Collapsible Clover Style 18 LED Camping Light is one of the best camping lanterns designed to be used in every possible situation where light is limited.

With its internal battery, the camping light can be charged either by USB or by using its three solar panels.

This is a great advantage, as you’re not required to buy batteries and you can actually save money. You can also leave it to charge in the sun, which is definitely a benefit.

The light has 3 interchangeable modes: low, high and SOS (blinking) light. With 18 LEDs showing 6000-6500K light, you get a tint of blue.

The smart protection chip helps to avoid overheating or damaging.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of its hook to hang it wherever you want, or just let it stand on your portable table.

With a diameter of 62.7x149.8 mm and 168 g, you can take it wherever you want, as it is smaller than some phones.

Reviewers are praising the long lightning time for such a small device and are also impressed by how much ground the light covers.


  • It is small and easy to carry
  • USB and solar recharge
  • It covers plenty of ground


  • The hook can break

Review Of SUAOKI LED Camping Lantern Lights

SUAOKI LED Camping Lantern is a long-lasting lantern. It packs an 800mAh lithium battery that can be charged via its USB connection or through the solar panel on the top. 

It can output up to 65 lumens at high brightness and as low as 25 lumens, in three different modes: low, high and SOS mode.

It’s ideal for smaller places and limited gatherings.

Its smart protection chip ensures that the device doesn’t fault on its own and doesn’t drain more battery than needed.

With two modes, compact and extended, the camping LED light can be used both as a lantern or as a flashlight.

Moreover, its dimensions are 3.8x3.7x2.1 inches, which makes it highly portable.

People who want to spend long nights out in tents can benefit the most from SUAOKI’s Camping Lantern. If you’re a tech-savvy, you’ll be delighted to find out that you can actually charge your phone with it.

Users were also happy with how long the light would last (up to 15 hours). With small malfunctions, the lantern still behaved exemplary, providing good light, even in the biggest of tents.


  • Highly portable as it is collapsible
  • USB and solar recharge
  • It can be used as a flashlight


  • Bugs can get stuck inside it sometimes

Review Of Hallomall Outdoor Camping Lights

Hallomall Outdoor Camping Light is one of the best camping lights available.

Its built-in lithium battery supports two USB slots, where phones can be charged simultaneously. The lantern is rechargeable, performing with a power of 15W and with a voltage between 110-240V.

With 24 LED pieces, the light can switch between three modes: low, high and SOS, which is a great advantage because you can make the battery last longer.

With two red and two blue LEDs, it can be used as a road signal as well. One of the best features is its 360-degree rotations, which lets you position it however you need it.

Campers who need a steady light that can turn to every point can take advantage of this lantern.

It is usable under any conditions and will beam inside and outside the tent with the same intensity.

Another great feature is its water-resistant capability, which will guarantee you that the lantern will be fully functional even after a heavy rain.

Praised for its long-lasting lightning charge, most users choose Hallomall Outdoor Camping Light due to its powerful light and the fact that it’s easy to store.


  • Powerful light
  • 360-degree maneuverability
  • It is water resistant


  • It is not as portable as other lanterns

Review Of E-TRENDS Portable LED Lantern Tent Light Bulb

E-TRENDS Portable LED Lantern Tent Light Bulb is usable for any camping, hiking and fishing situation, where light is limited.

Powered by three AAA batteries, the light bulb is not rechargeable. Even so, you can take advantage of the 12 included batteries to power your lantern when you’re out camping.

You can use its two settings to get the best out of the power time: use dimmer for a longer lasting bulb, or bright if you need more power.

An advantage of using the E-TRENDS lantern is that people can store it easily, because of its small dimensions.

No matter if you use its hook to hang it outside or leave it on a table; the light it will provide will be good under any circumstances.

If you’re going out camping for several days in a row, and you need a sturdy light, then this is a good option. If you’re not the type who needs big, bulky lights, then the E-TRENDS lantern might be the best portable solution for you.

Reviewers are happy with the accessibility of the product, being able to store it and use it easier than a flashlight. Users are also glad about the amount of light it produces.


  • It is highly portable
  • Great light power
  • Good value for money for the 4-pack


  • It is not as sturdy as other lights

Review Of MalloMe LED Camping Lantern Flashlights

One of the best portable lanterns, the MalloMe LED Camping Lantern comes in a set of 4 and provides good lighting for all camping enthusiasts.

Powered by 3 AAA batteries, the lantern can last up to 24 hours, even with constant use. Unfortunately, it is not rechargeable, but you can make use of the 12 batteries included in the package.

With a power of 350 lumens, you can take advantage of its collapsible design to adjust how much light you need. Specially created for campers, this lantern has a powerfull light that can brighten up the whole tent or the whole site.

Made from ABS plastic, the 4 lanterns are water and weather resistant. Heavy rain, mud or cold will not affect them.

Moreover, with its compact layout, you can put it in your backpack without having to give up too much space.

People are praising the amount of light they get from MalloMe’s LED lantern, mentioning its sturdiness and compact design.

Most of them use it to light tents when camping or to brighten up the path in their backyard.


  • Powerful light
  • It has a compact design
  • Sturdy construction


  • It runs on batteries

Review Of Luminoodle LED Light Rope

The Luminoodle LED Light Rope is a highly compact light that can be carried to any camping site.

Using a power bank or any device that outputs electricity, the light rope can be powered through a USB connection, consuming 2.5 or 5 W. With a battery of 4400mAh, the light will last up to 3 hours. You can get a 4400mAh battery included for an additional fee.

With its 360 degrees lighting, the product can be handy to anyone who needs to work outside in the dark.

You can use it through the rain as well, as it's water resistant.

Because it creates a beautiful atmosphere and it lights very well, this can be a good solution for a night out camping. And because it comes with a nylon bag, you can transform it into a lantern to take it with you hiking.

Praised for its flexibility and portability, Luminoodle LED Light Rope is considered one of the best camping lanterns by reviewers.

It comes in two length versions: 5 feet and 10 feet.


  • It is highly portable and flexible
  • Water resistant
  • It can be used as a lantern


  • It needs a separate power source to run

Review Of Etekcity Portable LED Camping Lantern Flashlights

Etekcity Portable LED Camping Lantern Flashlights are suitable for anyone travelling or camping.

The lantern uses 3 AAA batteries to charge a powerful LED light that lasts up to 12 hours, even when it’s continuously used. The lantern comes with two extra batteries included.

With 60 lumens, you can expect it to light up the tent or the whole campsite.

If you are not much of a light-packer, there is no need to worry. Its military-grade construction will allow you to just store it in any corner.

With a collapsible design, you get to save a lot of space in your backpack or your car.

Having only 4.9x3.46 inches, it can be used by anyone who needs space in their baggage. However, it can expand to 10x3.46 inches when the handles are pulled up.

Moreover, rainy weather is not a problem anymore, as the lantern was designed to resist harsh weather conditions. Also, you can just hang the lanterns on a tree branch or leave on the ground while getting 360 degrees light.

Reviewers are praising the time the lantern can output light, as well as its power.


  • 2 of them in every pack
  • Bright light
  • Sturdy build


  • Running on batteries

Buyer's Advice For The Best Camping Light

Every lantern comes with different applications that satisfy the particular wishes of any customer. That’s why it’s hard to say which one is the best camping light.

If you are looking for a lantern that can brighten a large area, then you could go for Gould Armour Camping Lantern. However, if you want something more durable and long-lasting, you might want to have a look at SUAOKI LED Camping Lantern Lights.

When you choose the outdoor lantern that suits your needs the best, you must remember to take into consideration the main factors: the power source, extra features, weight, and portability.

We hope that this guide helped you narrow down your options so that you can find the best camping lantern for your needs.

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