Let's be honest, camping and comfort aren't always compatible with each other. Finding a way to get quality rest when roughing-it is difficult. Some products are more successful than others, and the Disc-O Bed is a great solution. Let's take a closer look as to why.

Available Disc-O-Bed Bunk Cot Models and Comparison

Bunk Bed Cot Model

Weight Tolerance per Single Cot

Sleeping Area


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Disc-O-Bed Large with Organizers

500 lbs

79”L x 27.75”W

63 lbs

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Disc-O-Bed XL with Organizers

500 lbs

79”L x 34.5”W

66 lbs

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Disc-O-Bed XXL with Organizers

600 lbs

85”L x 40”W

86 lbs

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Kid-O-Bunk with Organizers

200 lbs

62”L x 27.75”W

34 lbs

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Key Features

- Unlike many products made for camping, the Disc-O-Bed requires no tools and sets up easily.

- The Disc-O Bed is comfortable, offering support without the use of cross beams that can dig into you.

- Made from durable materials, this system's versatility provides uses beyond other cot sleeping set-ups.

disc o bed review

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Disc-O Bed Review

This variable bedding system comes with many features that will allow it to adapt to a variety of needs.

No tool set-up

The Disc-O Bed features an assembly system that requires no tools. Its unique disc assembly points are a great way to connect the frame together without having to fight with bolts or other small parts. 
Steel bars slip into the canvas surfaces and do not require extra connections.
The storage systems attach easily and offer quick access to items placed within them.
best bunk beds disc o bed

It can be used as two single cots as well


We found that these beds offered a sleeping surface that was forgiving and secure. 
The flexibility of the canvas is great for those looking for a comfortable bed that can conform to body shape.
At the same time, the surface is sturdy enough that you can still move around naturally.
The space between cots gives plenty of room for occupants in the lower cot to move.


One of the strongest design features of the Disc-O Bed is its ability to adapt to the needs of campers.
Due to the engineering that went into this sleeping system, it can be built up as a bunk bed or as two single cots.
With just a bit of adjustment, it can be turned into a bench to sit on.
This feature gives the system a purpose beyond offering a sleeping surface.
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...or as a sofa.


The polyester materials used for the sleeping deck are durable and flexible.
This material is easy to dry out, which should help it last for a long time. The anti-rust powder coated steel is both solid and sturdy.
The disc connection points not only offer stability, they are built to last and should not wear out with continued use.

A variety of sizes

The Disc-O Bed comes in youth, large, X-large, and XX-large sizes. The two largest frames come in single colors, while there is more than one color selection with the smaller sizes.
A variety of weights can be supported by size, ranging from 200 to 600-pounds.
The three largest sizes also offer more storage compartments than the youth cots do.
camping kid o bed bunk cots


What others are saying

We have taken the time to see what people are saying about the Disc-O bed, and the feedback highlights the positive features mentioned above.
Some users discuss the weight of the system, but this should be understandable considering the quality and strength of the materials used.
Bulkiness has also been mentioned as a negative, yet the Disc-O Bed components break down into a durable carry bag that offers acceptable storage.
A higher price point has been highlighted by some shoppers although this cot system offers a long-term sleeping solution for multiple campers.

Watch video to see how easy it is to assemble the bunk bed cots


  • Easy set-up
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • You can save tent space


  • Bulky
  • Heavy


We put the Disc-O Bed through its paces and feel it offers a great, long-term sleeping system. No tools are required and the versatility offers solutions for most campers. Multiple color and size selections give plenty of options for shoppers.

A closer look at products and the latest discount can be found on Amazon located here.

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