On our overland trips, it is a common practice to camp roadside during the night. When a medium-sized family or group needs sleeping accommodations, a six-person tent will usually provide ample room. But you might want the best 6 person tent, not just any tent.

Protection from the elements and exterior visibility can make a traveling vacation filled with memories of a lifetime.

Choosing a tent for a relatively large group may not be easy, hence we curated the best 6 person tents on the market in order to provide you with the best choices.

Best 6 Person Tent Reviews

Review Of Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin

The six-person Instant Cabin provides a floor space measuring 10.0 by 9.0 feet and a maximum ceiling height of 6.2-feet at the center. The room provided is good enough for an average-height adult to stand while dressing.

This tent weighs 24.9-pounds. The weatherTec materials offer water protection through inverted seams that are taped

The flooring is welded, which does add to water-proofing on the floor. This tent uses pre-assembled poles that allow an experienced camper the ability to set the tent up in one-minute or less.

The tent pitches easily, something a driver will appreciate after a day on off-road trails. While the tent will feel crowded sleeping six adults, a mix of sleepers that includes children will be rewarded with plenty of space.

This unit has four windows, a design element that provides plenty of ventilation options. An integrated rainfly provides extra protection without added components to set up.

The guidelines are reflectively coated, allowing campers to notice them in low-light. Coleman offers their customers a one-year warranty on the Instant Cabin.


  • It has reflective guidelines that are highly visible
  • The instant setup technology builds-up in one minute
  • A free-standing design allows the tent to be moved once it is erected
  • The double-layered flooring provides a longer life for the tent


  • The taped seams are not as durable as welded seams would be
  • It includes only two storage pockets for all occupants
  • This tent weighs a lot for this occupancy range

Review Of CORE 6 Person Dome Tent

This CORE dome tent provides a floor space of 11.0 x 9.0 feet, a size that can accommodate a large party snuggly.

A maximum ceiling height of six-feet provides standing space for an average adult at the center of the tent if the gear storage is not deployed. The unit weighs 16-pounds.

The materials are double-coated polyester that does not stretch as much as nylon fabrics will.

The fiberglass poles sections are interconnected, so they will be easier to keep track of. It is rated as a three-season tent and should handle early and late season rains with no problems.

A meshed top, two windows, and a floor vent provide plenty of air circulation. The floor vent is hooded, a feature that prevents water from entering the tent when it is raining.

Equipment storage is one of the standout features on this tent. It not only provides multiple side pockets, it also includes a mesh gear loft that can be deployed for extra storage space.
A lantern hook allows a light to hang at night.


  • CORE offers this tent at a reasonable price point for its size
  • The dome shape provides a better profile against the wind
  • A gear loft and lantern hook provide places for gear


  • The maximum height tapers quickly with the dome-shaped design
  • A separate footprint is required to fully protect the flooring
  • There is only a single door access point

Buyer's Advice For The Best 6 Person Tent

Customers who purchased both tents mentioned the tents were heavy. This should not be an issue for overland travelers camping close to their vehicles.

Some customers worried about the three-season rating, something that will not be an issue as most off-road camping happens during the warmer months.

Everyone agrees with our assessment of easy setup and room these tents provide.

A family or group of friends will appreciate the features offered by these popular products. They are considered some of the best for their size and class. 

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You could also consider a rooftop-tent for truck camping, but another alternative could be a trendy tent cot as well.